Kill details
victim Victim: Felix Dorgiers
Corp: Nobody in Local
Alliance: Of Sound Mind
Involved parties: 1
Intruder System
Forcas armadas
Brave Collective
Cerberus (Heavy Assault Cruiser)
Scourge Fury Light Missile
Damage done:461 (100.00%)

500 Letters left
Ship: Capsule (Capsule)
Location: V-LEKM (0.0)
Date: 2021-04-08 04:12:21
ISK Loss at time of kill: 206,413,000
Total Damage Taken: 461
Location in System: 4.7k km from V-LEKM IV
Kill verified
Ship details
Implant Implant Current Value
Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Evasive Maneuvering EM-703 Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Evasive Maneuvering EM-703 1 19.64 M
Ocular Filter - Standard Ocular Filter - Standard 1 20.76 M
Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Navigation NN-603 Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Navigation NN-603 1 19.67 M
Zainou 'Snapshot' Light Missiles LM-903 Zainou 'Snapshot' Light Missiles LM-903 1 20.45 M
Neural Boost - Standard Neural Boost - Standard 1 20.61 M
Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link 1 85.85 M
Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1003 Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1003 1 19.43 M
Total Module Loss:
Total Module Drop:
Ship Loss:
Total Loss at current prices: 206,413,386.00
Top Damage Dealer
Final Blow
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