Item details - Aurora L
Aurora L
A Carthum Conglomerate large Beam Laser Crystal based on an upgraded version of the standard radio Crystal. Huge range and damage boost but suffers from much reduced tracking and has a considerably longer cooldown than normal. The delicate crystalline structures used in the manufacture of this advanced crystal degrade with use, eventually causing it to shatter.

80% increased optimal range.
75% reduced tracking speed.

Note: This ammunition can only be used by large tech level II, faction and officer Beam Lasers.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1 kg
Volume 1 m3
Baseprice 1,344,000 ISK
Crystals Take Damage 1
requiredSkill1Level 1
Tech Level 2 Level
Base Shield Damage 0
Base Armor Damage 0
Meta Level 5 Level
entityFlyRangeMultiplier 1.7999999523162842
Volatility 0.10000000149011612 %
Volatility Damage 0.009999999776482582 HP
Tracking Speed Multiplier 0.25 x
Primary Skill required Large Beam Laser Specialization
EM damage 20 HP
Explosive damage 0 HP
Kinetic damage 0 HP
Thermal damage 12 HP
Range bonus 1.7999999523162842 %
mainColor 2833864
Charge size 3
Used with (Launcher Group) Energy Weapon
Structure Hitpoints 1 HP
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